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Help with starting a business - Enterprise Support Grant Eligible Items

In addition to income support (your weekly payment), you can also get financial support with the costs of setting up your business.
These supports are provided under a scheme called the Enterprise Support Grant (ESG).

You can only get the ESG if you have been approved for the BTWEA.
The business plan you submit as part of your application for the scheme must set out the rationale and requirement for financial support.
The ESG can pay a total of €2,500 in any 24-month period. You must be able to make a matching contribution of at least 10% to access grant support.
You need to provide documentary evidence of the costs (quotations from at least 2 suppliers or, if a single supplier, the reasons for choosing a single supplier).

Eligible items for grant support include:

Category Annual limit, € Minimum contribution from applicant
Accountancy and related services including legal advice Up to €500 20%
Advertising and marketing aids Up to €500 20%
Business equipment Up to €1000 20%
Business training or mentoring (this can be offered free or at a reduced rate by Local Enterprise Officers (LEOs) or Local Development Companies) Up to €500 10%
Business registration costs and fees Up to €250 20%
Compliance, guidance and training Up to €250 20%
Job-specific tools and equipment Up to €1000 20%
Office supplies and stationery Up to €250 20%
Personal protective clothing and equipment Up to €250 20%
Public liability insurance costs associated with setting up a business - no other insurance is eligible Up to €1000 20%
Short-term training on book-keeping, regulation, rollout of business plan, start-your-own-business and courses of training related to the start-up Up to €500 10%
Signage Up to €500 20%
Upgrading to premises where the premises is owned by the applicant Up to €1000 20%
Website registration, related services and production Up to €500 20%
Combination of above in any 24-month period €2,500

* Note that you do not have an automatic right to any of these amounts. The DEASP's Case Officer will assess your application and eligibility.

Some items are not eligible for grant support under the ESG. These include:

  • Building/premises rental costs
  • Cost of travel (airline tickets, business trips, foreign travel, conferences)
  • Insurance (except public liability)
  • Personal clothing and uniforms (except protective clothing)
  • Professional development programmes and membership fees arranged by professional and regulatory bodies
  • Purchase of any type of vehicle
  • Renovations to premises (not owned by the jobseeker)
  • Stock-in-trade
  • Training or education other than that specified
  • Utility costs (electricity, water supply, communications such as telephone and broadband), connection or supply and local authority rates.